Sarah. 26. Ohio. I like to write. I've written two books so far: Farther Side of Away and If You're a Princess, Where's Your Crown. Buy them. Read them. Love them. I like royalty, music, hockey, sports, games, Germans, Swedes, Danes. you know, things.
  • Sarah’s Top 10 Bands: Honorable Mention: Leaves’ Eyes

    Favorite Songs: Ragnarok, Njord, Tell-Tale Eyes, Krakevisa, Meredead, Legend Land, Etain, Melusine, Take The Devil In Me, The Holy Bond, Nine Wave Maidens, The Battle of Maldon, Elegy, Spirits Masquerade, Sigrilinn.

    Favourite Album: Meredead

    Favourite Member: Liv Kristine <3

    Favourite Lyrics: “Dewdrops on a single rosebud This purity of rain Reminds me of the moment I left her Kisses filled with pain.” -Elegy

    "For you and me Eternity Appears to me From Aasgard sent." -Legend Land

    "Someone is walking Hungry eyes gazing The guard of the sky beholding their pride." -Nine Wave Maidens

    "Let my spirit sing." -Spirits Masquerade

    "Mine tåror er ei grimme. Med gråte kann eg ikkje vinne." -Mine tåror er ei grimme

    "Tie me to a pillar Feed me with your lies I will still know that true love never dies Have a look into my tell-tale eyes. Build me a coffin
    Lock it with a million nails I will still know that my love can never fail Have a listen to my tell-tale heart.” -Tell-Tale Eyes

    When You Became a Fan: In September 2010, I decided to go to Cleveland to see Blackguard and Leaves’ Eyes and fell in love with LE and Liv’s voice.

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